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     Movie Night Date/Times

  • 3rd Wednesday of the Month

  • 6PM to 9PM

  • Seabreeze Recreation Center

  • Refreshments available (coffee & ice water )

  • Open to all Villages residents and their guests

  • No advance signup or registration required … no charge; just show up and enjoy

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Paris 1919   This award winning film expertly blends re-enactments with archival footage to transport you to one of the most important summit meetings of the 20th Century.  The film chronicles an extraordinary event that dissolved empires, redrew maps, engineered the Treaty of Versailles, and created far-reaching consequences that led directly to WWII and continue to afflict and trouble our world today.




Evening of WWII Music


Stalin    This 3-time Golden Globe winning film depicts the life and career of the brutal Soviet dictator, Josef Stalin.  Duval is excellent as Stalin (the physical resemblance is amazing).


Victory At Sea.  Selected episodes (Pacific Theatre) from this award winning series

19-Apr-2017 TBD
17-May-2017 TBD


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