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The WW2 Vets Group is one of several "special interest" groups within the WW2 History Club.  It is open to WW2 vets only. 

We meet each month at 1:30PM prior to the regular WW2 History Club meeting which is 3PM each fourth Wednesday of the month at Colony Cottage Recreation Center

Currently, 42 WW2 vets are "officially" registered.  We are interested in encouraging more vets to join us and share experiences.  The camaraderie is excellent and the WW2 History Club meetings are pretty good too.

Age and health are always a problem these days, and with vacations, weather, golf, and other activities, a typical gathering is about a dozen vets.  But most vets are surprisingly active.  As a result, we have elected to have another gathering each Tuesday at 9AM following the regular WW2HC meeting to share breakfast at Lil Bits Cafe located at 11962 CR 101, which is just off west Hwy 466 behind the CVS drug store.  

For more information, contact Jim Renner (352) 259-7613




Questions? Problems?  Contact the webmaster or one of the club's steering committee members.

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