From: WW2 History Club
Sent: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 21:15
To: WW2 History Club
Subject: WW2 History Club ... What Do You Know About WW2?

No, this is not a quiz for you; remember the rules of the club:

        No homework

        No quizzes

        No grades

        No reading assignments

        Only requirement is to enjoy yourself


Rather it is a link to our web site with results of a dozen or so surveys taken in many countries on a variety of topics related to WW2.  The results are quite depressing and certainly make you wonder what people learn (or dont) in history classes and how that information (or lack of it) impacts their lives. I suspect that it is really two issues: (1) are students paying attention? and (2) what are they being taught?   This is not a recent phenomenon.  Think back to when you were in school.  How much did you and your friends enjoy history classes?  It was one of the high lights of my day, but for most students (and most of my friends), history was boring and unimportant.