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Topic Vietnam Wall
Date 19-Apr-2011


Thanks to club members Andy Szuhai and Gary Gilstorf, for this interesting item and link to a amazing website.




Vietnam Wall

The link below is a virtual wall of all those lost during the Vietnam war with the names, bio's and other information on our lost heroes.  Those who remember that time frame, or perhaps lost friends or family can look them up on this site.  Pass the link on to others, as many knew wonderful people whose names are listed.

First click on a state.  When it opens, scroll down to the city and the names will appear.  Then click on their names.  It should show you a picture of the person, or at least their bio and medals.

This really is an amazing web site.  Someone spent a lot of time and effort to create it.


NOTE:  the Vietnam Wall is one of the sites to be visited during the Washington, DC trip in September.  For more information, click here.

The Traveling Vietnam Wall (a 3/5ths scale model, 6 feet tall, 300 feet long) will be in Melbourne, FL as part of the Florida Veterans Reunion, May 1st to 9th